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TCG Global Gasification


CG Global LLC (TCG) designs, builds, sells, owns, and operates gasification plants capable of converting any carbon-containing feedstock such as biomass, coal, petroleum coke, or municipal solid waste into synthesis gas (Syngas), consisting primarily of hydrogen (H) and carbon monoxide (CO). The Syngas produced by this gasification process is a clean, dry, flexible fuel which can be (1) burned to create heat and electricity, (2) passed through any of several different catalysts to produce fluids such as alcohols and transportation fuels, including clean burning diesel, or (3) used to supply pure hydrogen gas for multiple applications.



Gasification is accomplished with heat, pressure, and the injection of ionized water. The basic chemical reaction used in gasification is C + H2O = CO + H2. This process begins in a heated, oxygen-starved environment (known as the pyrolysis chamber), which drives off moisture and volatile gases contained in the feedstock. Pyrolysis produces carbon char and ash that moves into a separate, externally heated gasification reactor, which converts the solid carbon molecule into a gaseous state. Next, the injection of ionized water in a process known as steam reformation creates a water shift reaction to produce Syngas. The hot Syngas is water quenched and cleansed of its impurities in a proprietary, ionized water treatment system, thus delivering a clean, dry Syngas with no liquid discharge from the plant operation.
The TCG Global technology focuses on the prevention of harmful pollution from carbon utilization, rather than removing pollution resulting from conventional combustion. Since the feedstock is heated externally, no feedstock combustion by-products are released into the atmosphere, nor are they present in the Syngas produced. All feedstock is processed in an enclosed and sealed reactor allowing contaminants to be efficiently captured and disposed of in ash collectors or through water scrubbing processes. Pollutants such as sulfur and SOx, arsenic, and mercury typically present in many feedstocks are not released into the atmosphere in this process design, as they would be in a combustion-centric process.
The TCG gasification process integrates several individual technologies to convert carbon-containing feedstock to Syngas. The patents and pending patents underlying the gasification technology are owned by Thermo Technologies, LLC and licensed to Thermo Conversions, LLC, with which TCG Global has an agreement to develop, own, and operate gasification plants. TCG's technology relies on seven individual U.S. patents totaling over 800 claims, and it is also protected by a South Africa patent covering the identical technologies and set of claims.

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